Disk Data Recovery Tool

You can use the demo version of the disk data recovery software for evalauting the performance of the utility on how it restores the data that has been deleted or lost due to uncertain reasons.

We encounter data loss from hard drive due to the severe corruption of hard disk that cannot be avoided. As the hard drive are prone to data loss situations it is therefore recommended backing up of your essential files. Well, it is indeed true that most of us don’t back up their crucial files due to carelessness or ignorance and that is how they lose access to their essential data from their computer. Usually, when we make use of any third party application to install some software or to do any cleanup activity unknowingly we invite dangerous viruses such as a malware which is capable of damaging the files in hard disk heavily.

The entire file structure will get damaged due to the virus infection and in this way files in the disk become inaccessible. There are also other causes for the corruption of hard disk files. If you have not installed any antivirus tool in your system it is recommended to install and run the same or else you may lose all your drive data easily due to corruption. The corrupt disk files need to be recovered in order to make them free from corruption and accessible. To make them accessible you need to make use of a powerful disk recovery program that can quickly and easily recover all type of disk files that are damaged. You can use disk recovery tool in order to recover all your disk data within few minutes.

It is very easy to lose the disk files due to various reasons such as external threats, MBR corruption, operating system corruption, power surge, improper system shutdown etc. Master Boot Record is an extraordinary boot sector which contains all the information regarding how logical partitions including file systems are arranged on any medium. When this MBR gets corrupt due to any virus attack or power surge the system becomes unresponsive and it will not boot. This, in turn, results in an inaccessible hard drive. Due to the power surge problem, the hard disk partition gets corrupt and the data in the partition files become inaccessible. Operating system corruption is a common hard drive data loss scenario. It may take place due to an improper Windows shutdown which results in corruption of hard disk data. In all these situations you need to make the best use of disk recovery tool to restore corrupt disk partition data.

Disk recovery tool is a reliable drive recovery software that can recover files corrupt due to the reasons mentioned above. This utility is capable of retrieving popular media file types such as GIF, PSD, JPG, TIF, MOV, MP3, MP4 etc. from a corrupt drive. You can use disk recovery tool to restore external hard disk such as USB pen drive, USB stick etc. If you are a Mac user and worried about corrupt disk files that are damaged due to catalog file corruption or apple partition map corruption then it is advised to use disk recovery tool and restore corrupt Mac hard disk files. Let us now go through the steps to recover corrupt hard disk using disk data recovery tool.

Hard disk data recovery steps:

Follow the steps given below and recover your drive data

Step 1: Download and run disk recovery tool in your computer. Click on "Recover Partitions / Drives" button from your main screen and then choose "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option to recover lost disk partition.

Disk Data Recovery Tool - Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Figure 1: Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Step 2: Select a drive from the list of drives which will appear in the next screen to recover data from it. The scanning process will be initiated as soon as you click on a drive.

Disk Data Recovery Tool  - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: After scanning the entire drive this software will give out a list of recovered files. You can preview the recovered disk data using "Preview" option.

Step 4: You can save the scanned and previewed results by clicking on "Save Recovery Session" option. If you find a disk recovery tool as useful then you need to click on buy now button to purchase this tool. Soon after purchasing you should activate this tool to load the recovery session.

Disk Data Recovery Tool  - Save Recovery Session

Figure 4: Save Recovery Session